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Our virtual publications each contain a link for our valued clients and end-users to take a brief survey regarding their experience. The following are excerpts from just a few of the many wonderful responses we have received over the years.


“Several weeks ago I was looking through your book trying to find [company x] so I could recommend them to a friend. I was disappointed to find that [company x] was not in your book, so instead of recommending [company x] ,a service I have been using for years, someone else recommended [company z]. Well it turns out that [company z] offers a military discount so my friend was very pleased and I have started using [company z] as well.”
SMSgt 9th SOS


“Getting the base guide/directory is one of things I look forward to receiving [in sponsor package] when I get a new assignment. It is the first look at the community and what it offers in the way of goods and services. Receiving the Eglin book, I was surprised and delighted at all the information it contained. The white pages and particularly the community information sections were useful. I am not due to arrive until April 2001 but I have pretty much decided what area I would like to live in and I already have a realtor looking for a place.”
Capt 35 MSS Misawa AB [Japan]


“I work in an office where I have to deal with many different agencies on a daily basis. Having all the numbers to both bases [Eglin and Hurlburt] in one publication is invaluable. I also have to contact many civilian agencies and with the addition of the white pages I no longer have to go searching through the office for an old phone book. Your Emerald Coast directory is the only book we need.”
SrA Fuels


“The [ ] would like to recognize and thank Military Media, Inc for their excellent work in creating our ad. Your staff is professional and exceptional. Not only do they have great talent, but they also work with us ever so patiently. Because of the strong military influence in the Ft. Walton Beach area, your publication was the very first chosen to proudly advertise our new location.

“Since our initial contact with Military Media, we have benefited in many ways. We have not only received business leads from your company, buy many compliments about our unique and eye catching ads. Successful marketing involves creativity and insight. The ads and service are second to none. The [ ] looks forward to a long lasting business partnership with your organization.”
Local business owner

“I am glad to see new book come out every year. I was stationed in Alaska for 4 years and during that time only one base phone book came out.”
TSgt 16th CRS


Many surveys were returned with comments such as:
“The only book we use,” “ The only book we need,” “The only book we have in our office,” “Terrific book,” and “We look forward to getting the new book each year.”

“I have been to many different bases and used many different base directories but this base directory is by far the largest and most useful directory I have ever seen. When I was in the Air Force I worked in a large flight with many different sections and just about every section had their own building. No matter what office I went to or worked in, a base directory was always lying around; usually a copy was on top of every desk. On the other hand trying to find a regular phone book was nearly impossible, and if you did manage to dig one out of the bottom of a desk it was usually several years old.”

“Moving to a new base was always a challenging experience, but getting the base directory or base guide (which ever one was sent in the newcomers package) made that transition a little easier. After getting a pretty good feel of what the community was like and what kind of housing was available (usually for rent) I would look to see what kind of radio stations were in town and who I would be getting my internet, and cable services from and contact other utility companies about connection fees…etc. My wife would look at what kind of shopping was available; malls, department stores, shopping centers…etc. Without receiving a base directory/guide, moving to a new community would have been that much more difficult.”
SSgt separated I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S. (Military Media webmaster)

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