Marketing That Matters


Posted on June 17, 2014 Comments Off on EXPOSURE

We offer our clients an unparalleled level of exposure to the military community – not only when they are PCSing to the area, but throughout their stay. In fact, in our ongoing survey of end-users, 96% of those who responded indicated they use their base guide daily or almost daily, both to obtain base telephone numbers and to locate goods and services in the pro-military business categories.

 The exclusive authorization we receive from the bases with which we work allows us to provide our clients with unrivaled access to reach personnel before they arrive, and remain in front of them on a daily basis. With military members relocating an average of every 3 – 4 years, a single base can see thousands of newcomers each month. Furthermore, your business can gain global exposure as personnel stationed on nearly every continent prepare to PCS to your local base.

 Thanks to technology, our virtual publications allow us to provide our clients with detailed analytic reports which measure traffic, zoom clicks and external link clicks – allowing you to truly see your advertising dollars at work.

 Best of all, advertising in your local military base guide not only helps to grow your business through the viable military market, but helps to support the guide and directory program. Without you, base personnel would be without the resource they count on to make their transition to a new base easier.

That’s Marketing That Matters.