Marketing That Matters


Posted on June 17, 2014 Comments Off on DIGITAL MARKETING FEATURES

As a business owner, little matters more than ROI when considering your marketing and advertising strategies. In today’s world of YouTube and social media, users are looking to be entertained and easily informed above all else. What’s more, with things vying for consumers’ attention from every angle, standing out can truly be a challenge.

Knowing all this, Military Media has ensured our base newcomers guides and directories – already ROI powerhouses – opened the door for highly dynamic, interactive marketing. Through our virtual publications, our talented graphic design team can help cars roar, steaks sizzle, and make your business’ message come alive! Our multi-use platform allows you to link your website, social media sites, and videos (among other things) to your attention-grabbing, full-color, interactive marketing piece that can showcase your business every day of the year.


  • Video capable
  • Flash capable
  • Unlimited linking capability
  • Facebook & Twitter enabled
  • Integrated into over 340 social networking sites
  • Email capable
  • E-blast capable
  • VIRAL capable
  • PMBN page linking
  • Sound & video enabled
  • Updates every 60 days (with service plan)

With so many options, creating your next successful military marketing campaign is more attainable than ever.